Symptoms of a bad SEO hire

If you have already decided to hire a marketing agency in order to help you boost the online performance of your company, you need to be careful before making your final decision. The wrong markeging team may harm your business in a number of ways. So, choose wisely. The following are some of the top dangers of working with the wrong digital marketing agency.

Give you Bad Results

You need to choose a reputable marketing agency, that is willing to give you a specific strategy plan based on your business. Keep in mind that many companies just have a top plan that use with all their clients. But you need to talk to them to make a great strategy according to the specific needs of your company. Otherwise you are not going to have the results you are looking for. In fact, the company you are going to hire needs to be able to generate qualified leads via your business site, we recommend you ask for help from

Promise you Top Rankings on Search Engine Results

If a marketing company promises you right away great success and top rankings, you should definitely ask them how are they going to achieve this. In fact, a company can not guarantee you great top ranking results, even though there are companies that can generate for you a lot of traffic. It’s better to make your research and ask other people before deciding which marketing company you are going to hire. You need to remember also that sustainable marketing campaigns take time and you need to be patient.

Use the Wrong Keywords

Target words can be very effective on online marketing. In case you hire the wrong company, they may offer you the wrong keywords. Even though they may give you some keywords that are relative with your services and business, they might not be very powerful, in order to generate more traffic for your website. You may end up lose potential clients if you end up using the wrong keywords.

Your Traffic Drops Suddenly

You may end up lose potential clients if the experts you hired don’t do a good and well researched job. Even though ranking may drop for many reasons, a sudden traffic drop may be your SEO’s fault. In case you notice that your rankings are declining, then you need to take some action and talk about it with the marketing company you hired. For example, you can check if they have made any kind of changes with algorithms.

Lose Potential Clients & Money

The wrong marketing company can make your company lose many clients and eventually a lot of money. But if you are careful and you choose wisely a good and reputable marketing agency, you can have great results. In order to do so, you can make your own research before deciding what marketing company you are going to hire. For instance, you can read various online reviews of a specific company, ask other people that have already used the same company. You can also read the marketing company’s blog and you can see if they have documented results similar to the ones you wish for your business.

Signing with the wrong company can make you suffer financially. As a result, you may also have a really hard time, in order to recover the smooth online operation of your business.