Spending money on SEO and the hiring process

So, you have a business idea, you prepared a website. Now the main race starts, as you know, you are not the only one doing that business. You have a lot of competition, but there’s a chance for you to grow greater than competitors. The solution is to ‘Reach out to more and more people’.

Now, you know the solution to and the question remains ‘How?’. There are many to market your business online which is called Digital Marketing. And the most effective of them is SEO fromĀ https://scottkeeverseo.com/washington-dc-seo/.

For starters, SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO simply means that ranking your website higher in a given search engine for a given keyword. In easy words, if your business is providing web hosting servies and if your website has a good SEO then your website should be at top whenever someone search for ‘web hosting’ then your website should be ranked at top.

Let me come back to the topic,

How much to spend on SEO for your business?There are basically two ways to have SEC on your website. You can spend two things on SEO- first your time, second your money.

1- Time If you’re new at this, you can spend some time on learning SEO through course online. There are many courses on YouTube, Udemy, etc. You can learn SEO through these sources, as it is easy but you just have to learn the techniques and just keep doing it again and again till you succeed.

There is no shortcuts while learning SEO, you should practice it again and again. Even after learning SEO, you still have to keep checking the new algorithms as search engines like Google keep changing their algorithms. And for keeping your website at top of the search engine you must keep the SEO conditions up to date.

2- Money

lf you don’t want the hassle of learning SEO and spending time and want someone else to do SEO. Then the solution is to hire someone to do SEC on your website.

For hiring SEO’s, you can just login to www.freelancer.com and search for SEO. A pro tip for you, just look for a SEĀ  from India or other south-east Asian country because they are pretty cheap compared to anyone from USA.

While looking for SEO just look for his past work or his ratings. And if the person is new I would recommend having a conversation with him and ask some tricky questions to check if he is a fraudster or a genuine person.

I would recommend you to spend 100-110$ per 10 keywords. So, if someone asks for too high or too low, you can ignore it. This is the ideal amount you can spend on SEO. After deciding on a person, they would ask for your cpanel and wordpress login details, which is normal because they cannot do SEO without that.

You need to consider a fact that, you won’t be getting results overnight, you should be giving them time at least 6 months and you have to spend on SEO continuously you cannot stop in middle.

In this way, you can spend time or money on it depending on your choice.