Power Washing Your House

Selecting the right firm to handle power washing your house can be confusing at times. There are some companies, many of them one- or two-man operations, so it is hard to know who can be trusted. This article gives you a basic guide to the factors you must consider when deciding on an awesome power washing contractor like Katy Power Washing Service.

The most important thing is to choose a New Jersey power washing company that is reputable. You will be allowing their employees onto your property, so be sure you can trust them before signing any contract. Ask about their liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. If they are not adequately insured, you will be responsible for any injuries or damage caused by their negligence on your property.

Find out about the company’s, specifically whether they perform background checks on their employees. You are asking these questions not only to protect yourself but also to see the level of professionalism exhibited by the company. A true New Jersey power washing business would need to have all of its paperwork in line, so this can be a red standard if one of these items are missing.

Once you are satisfied that the company is trustworthy, you should ask for a list of their references. A top-quality New Jersey power washing company will have some previous customers who are willing to praise the service they received. A lack of references may mean that they underperformed on their prior contracts and had left a trail of unhappy customers in their wake. For larger companies, you may be able to find customer reviews online, so be sure to check around before allowing them to start power washing your house.

Ask about the process they will use in power washing your home. The most important things to look for are water pressure and flow, heat, and the type of cleaning products used. You do not want to expose your home to any dangerous chemicals or extreme heat. High water pressure may also damage some exterior paints, so be sure that the company will test their equipment in a hard to see the area before blasting your entire house. Ask if it will be safe for you and your family to be in and around the home during the power washing process. If you have pets, be sure to inquire about any chemical residue that may be left on the walls or in the dirt around your home.

Look for a New Jersey power washing company that offers a guarantee on their work. Home maintenance is a significant expense for most homeowners, so be sure you are getting the service you have paid for. There should be protection against shoddy work, along with provisions requiring the contractor to come back to repair any damage that may have occurred because of the pressure washing. Make sure there is a long enough period for you to discover any problems. For example, you may not see a crack developing within the first few days of having the home washed.