Advantages of dabbling in Commercial Real Estate

What’s the advantage of investing in commercial real estate? Currently, the commercial real estate is ranked as the third forceful asset class after bonds and stocks. As likely investors continue embracing commercial real estates, what will be used to define the existing subsets within the asset class?

Why commercial real estate?

In every sense of the statement, the commercial real estate is extensive. The field offers investors with numerous and legit entry points into potential investments. To excel in commercial real estates, you need to develop and stick to an active commercial property strategy. Considering that the cost of living is higher, the commercial real estate offers you bigger markets that is equivalent to more compensation and opportunities as compared to residential real estates.

Let’s say you’re a real estate broker. What do you expect as far as compensation and opportunities are concerned? According to the 2006 National Association of Realtors figures, selling commercial property generates more profits compared to leasing property. Do you know more people and have a business profile? Here is a list of tips on how to get started from

Steps on how to get started in commercial real estate

1.Out of your business experience, list all the potential clients you know of

2.Call your friends and relatives for recommendations

3.Make some calls. Start with the clients on your list and hear out their views. Let them know you’re not seeking for a business position but gathering real information on commercial real estates.

4.As a newbie, you need to advise from real estate professionals. Conduct an interview and collect relevant information on the commercial real estate. Ask for a publication in the reception area to have first-hand knowledge regarding the industry.

5.Visit real estate related websites to have detailed information on the critical role players, the jargons, and the types of projects to go for.

6.When it comes to the commercial real estate, what’s the compensation structure used? After carrying out thorough research on real estates, you’ll find out that most of the positions are commission-based.

7.Most of the commercial real estate firms create employment slots depending on the types of projects and opportunities. Explain to the interested firms what you can effectively bring to the table.

Commercial real estate guide and opportunities

In the recent years, commercial real estate was viewed as an alternative asset, where mutual funds, stocks, and bonds were the real deal. Since then, perceptions have changed. Nowadays, commercial real estate comes third after bonds and stocks. The field provides investors with real opportunities such as;

-Areas of development

As a commercial real estate agent, you can work in different areas of specialization such as leasing, the actual event, and management. The work of a developer is to hire the architect, negotiate leases, to arrange financing procedures, and hire contractors.


As an agent, you can represent either the sellers or the buyers or assist with the selling or buying of commercial property. The agents work on commission.


The property manager works on handling the operations of a property such as maintenance and repairs.

The Bottomline

If you’ve ever been a residential agent looking forward to changing your career, commercial real estate might be the best option to consider. As a commercial real estate agent, you can focus on project management, leasing, or the actual development. What’s have been driving you to be in industrial real estates? If its money, you just hit the right spot.